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HiArbor's Philosophy
What can we do about cat over-populaton?
At HiArbor we are believe that the terrible suffering of starving and sick homeless cats is an important issue that has to be solved and education is paramount to solving the problem.  Cats who learn to eat out of bowls do not automatically know how to hunt and survive when they are abandoned to fend for themselves.  Cats who are feral are subject to horrible diseases that spread through a "colony" from one cat to another.  Homeless cats normally don't live beyond three years.  HiArbor believes that people will be motivated to contribute in various ways to meet the challenge when they understand the problem.

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Vegetarian or Not?
Many of the Directors and volunteers at Hi Arbor are vegetarian or vegan, but it is not a requirement to be in good standing at HiArbor.  However, as an organization, we strongly value purity in food and food preparation methods.  We abhor the use of growth hormones, as well as inhumane methods, in the production of animals for food.  We object to genetically engineered foods and chemical insecticides in agriculture.   Therefore, although we do not actively promote vegetarianism, we do encourage people to avoid conventionally grown meats and vegetables.  Organic foods are becoming increasingly popular and they are usually readily available at health food or gourmet grocery stores.  Why eat the rest when you can have the best?