Cat Adoption Rescue Education & Sanctuary


The Evolution of HiArbor
Who are we?
HiArbor began as a monthly vegetarian newsletter.  Roxanne, a vegetarian with life-long food allergies and digestive disorders, had the idea for the newsletter when she could not get the kinds of foods that she liked and needed from the the nursing home where she was recuperating after a terrible fall.
Her newsletter is named "HiArbor" in remembrance of a grape arbor where she played as a child.  She remembers it as a fun and peaceful place where kids could go to play and talk kid's talk, and she strives for the HiArbor Newsletter to have that same sense of camaraderie and serenity.

HiArbor was originally incorporated into a nonprofit organization committed to educating the public on eating for health and wellness. In time it was evident that there were many, larger and better funded organizations with medical expertise that were better equipped to fill that niche.  Therefore, HiArbor looked to its second most favorite volunteer purpose, namely, the rescue and adoption of homeless cats. The original mission continues in the form of Roxanne's monthly vegetarian newsletter.

The mission statement and business plan have been rewritten to refocus Hi Arbor's efforts and purpose.  We have a four member Board of Directors and several volunteers who give freely of their time and talents to make HiArbor what Roxanne originally envisioned -- a warm and friendly "arbor" environment where folks can share their passions for animal rescue, and, as a related issue, a vegetarian lifestyle.

What do we do?
Roxanne's first newsletter was published in January, 2001.   It has been produced and distributed free of charge every month since then and it is available on the website, or by email to anyone who requests it.

In 2008 HiArbor re-directed it's activities to include the following:

  • Rescue of homeless cats and kittens, whether abandoned or feral.
  • Placing rescued cats and kittens in permanent homes after they are spayed/neutered.  the primary outlet for adoption is Animal House, LLC in Absecon NJ.
  • Presentations to groups and individuals about feline over population.
  • Finding foster homes for cats and kittens until permanent homes can be found.

Where do we go from here?
HiArbor plans to stay small and work within its budget and abilities to provide the needed services.  We do not have a shelter structure and much of the overhead is still coming out of the pockets of the founders and Board of Directors.  Fundraising will be our next big effort so that the funds keep pace with the mission.